Why The Kochfidential?

After nearly a decade working in marketing, I’ve seen the proverbial man behind the curtain. An influencer promotes her “favorite” mascara (that she probably never used). Magazines publish “how-to” articles (that are sponsored by brands and always require a purchase). Self-proclaimed experts use educational loopholes to bypass licensing requirements so they can teach you how to “hack your health,” “overcome trauma,” or “get rich” — all for a fee of course!

When we’re constantly sold how to be, do, and have more, we’re left feeling as if we’re perpetually failing. When everyone is an expert, our ability to trust erodes. When we’re constantly bombarded with information, we’re stripped away from our inner knowing.

Frankly, I’m over it.

Instead of figuring out how to optimize my life, I’m learning how to simply live it.

Instead of seeking answers, I’m learning to ask myself better questions. I’m sharing those questions here with you.

What to expect

You’ll get my most personal writing weekly(ish) and an engaging space to explore life’s big and small questions. You’ll also join a community of creative, thoughtful, wickedly smart people who have also peered behind the curtain (or are finally ready to look).

There will be occasional surprises sprinkled in here too! ✨

Do your emails contain ads?

Nope! If there’s a product, book, or podcast I love, I’ll share it without affiliate links.

If a company sends me a gift to try, I’ll only share my honest feedback (the good and the bad). I doubt this will happen a lot because I am a minimalist, and I’ve been actively trying to reduce consumption in my life, so when it does, you can trust that I stand behind my recommendations.

Do you use AI in your writing?

I’m not inherently against the use of AI, but for me, the act of writing and sharing my work is the point. So no. For better or worse, what you’ll get is raw, unfiltered me.


Kendra Koch is a serial entrepreneur, actress, film producer, and mom. Over the past two decades, Kendra scaled and innovated within over a dozen venture-backed startups intersecting health, sustainability, and family—three of which she co-founded. 

Currently, Kendra is the CEO and Founder of Touchy Feely, a wellness platform and community that helps neurodivergent folks combat the stress of modern life. Kendra started this business after receiving a surprise ADHD diagnosis in adulthood which changed the way she related to her own non-linear health and career journey.

Kendra’s film & TV projects include an Oscar-qualifying short and several award-winning indie feature films.

Through working with dozens of early-stage, Silicon Valley startups, Kendra has experienced the full gamut of the entrepreneurial journey including failures, acquisitions, and everything in between. She gives back by coaching and mentoring early-stage founders and artists who are looking to scale their businesses and achieve sustainable growth.

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